Stryker HD Digital endoscopy camera with built in led light source


Compatible with Karl Storz, Richard Wolf, Olympus and Stryker products

Various disciplinary procedures

Excellent value for digital camera

Optimal Cost Performance

Digital camera and LED light source 2 in 1





Product Detail


With ENDOSINO comprehensive advanced technology throughout intelligent algorithm, data structure, optical and signal processing along with exquisite mechanic workmanship, ENDOSINO Digital HD camera adapt the most restrict image quality standards to ensure the optimal performance all the way from the patient to the monitor.

ENDOSINO Digital HD camera provides fully compatibility across multiple specialties, including laparoscopy, thorax, neurology, gynecology urology, orthopedics and ENT for superior workflow thus achieve cost efficiencies. This multi-specialty platform supports over many different rigid, fiber optic flexible endoscopes, to reach greater operating efficiency.

ENDOSINO Digital HD camera with integrated image processing unit which is stable and robust to support the heavy duty procedures day by day. Outstanding high horizontal image resolution reach to 900 lines, therefore even the finest variations in tissue structures can be explored with confidence. Both manual and automatic white balance with memory function to avoid the repeat routine job .

In addition, ENDOSNIO Digital HD camera enable surgeons to modify the endoscopic image through by increasing the dynamic contrast. Intuitive and touch tech super manual allow surgeons to implement optimal individuation. The system consists of a camera control unit (CCU) and a camera head with an integral cable that connects to the CCU.

Versatility In Applications


Gynecological endoscopy

Urological endoscopy


Spinal surgical

Thorax surgery


Fiber optic telescopes

Features and Benefits:

● LCD touch screen: Rapid & intuitive controlling

● Super digital standard with integrity of video output

● Flicker free imaging with anti-ripple filter

● Soakable cameral head

● Multiple signal output interface: CVBS, HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI

● Image freezing

● Display screen offers the visibility of precisely working condition

● Automatic/ manual white balance

● Remote control on the cameral head

Technical Specifications:

● Sensor:              high sensitive  SONY CCD  1280 P×720 P resolution

● Output Definition:     ≥900 line (Measurement According to ISO 12233 Photography Standard Test Card)

● Zoom coupler:        F18, F20, F22, F24, F28, F32, F35mm, F15-25mm, F18-35mm, Stryker Standard, Olympus Standard, Pentax Standard(selectable)

● Scanning mode:       Progressive

● Image format:         16:9
● Minimum illumination:  0.2 lux

● Signal noise ratio:      60 db

● Video output interface:  CVBS, HDMI, DVI, HD-SDI

● 2 Pre-programmed camera head button functions (Freeze & W.B)

Camera cable length:    3.25m

A Light For All Endoscopy Applications

ENDOSINO LED light source is already capable of replacing the highest performance of"300 watt xenon light source"(clinical tested). The new LEDPure light source is specially tailored to endoscopic applications and can be used in cross-specialty applications. ENDOSINO light sources offer many benefits for users, including a very long lifespan lamp which virtually never need to be changed, as well as the consumption is low and very little heat generating. In addition, LEDPure is virtually quiet. This feature makes an important contribution to improve working conditions in the operating theater. Furthermore, all devices have a glare shield if the light cable is not plugged in. The light color of the LEDPure light sources is very constant and similar to the light generated by xenon lamps, i.e. also suitable for digital endoscopic cameras.
With visual displayer and few buttons, LEDPure offers you a simple and intuitive operating.

Features and benefits:

● One for all design for interdisciplinary endoscopic application

● Energy saving,  up to consume 75% power less than xenon light 300 W

● Maximum color contrast to increase differentiation of the tumor tissue

● Quiet cooling system: one of the quietist Light Sources on the market

● Extremely long lifetime - up to 50,000 hours or more

● Constant light intensity throughout the lifetime

● Low LED power consumption, hence little heat generated inside the device

● Optimum thermal management to guarantee optimum illumination

● Homogenous illumination of the endoscopic surgical area

● Separate switch for bulb instantly on/off, simplified your workflow

Additional Advantages:

● Real – time displaying: Working condition , working temperature, and total working duration

● LCD touch screen: Rapid & intuitive controlling

● Switch on/off the LED lamp with a separate button

● Over-temperature protection systems inside to lengthen the lifespan of your device.

● Auto Sensing physical cooling systems, for both energy saving and noise-reducing

Technical Specifications:

● Power supply:          AC 220-230 V; 50-60 Hz

● Power consumption:     100 VA

● Illumination:           ≥1,400,000Lux

● Output Lumens:        180 Lm

● Color temperature:      3000-7000 K

● Color rendering index:    ≥90

● LED bulb working lifespan: typically 50,000 hours

● Optical spectrum:       400-700 nm

● Noise:                ≤55 db

● Minimum illumination:   0.5 Lux * F2.0



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