Based in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, Costal China, founded in 2001, ENDOSINO has dedicated to endoscopy diagnostic and surgical innovation and production over 19 years.

Today ENDOSINO ranked the dominating trade mark of endoscopy in China and leading Chinese medical devices Industry go a further step.

Realizing how important of medical tools influence with medical specialists, we keep thinking about how to help optimizing the clinical performance, therefore, ENDOSINO talented and dedicated engineers never stop researching new technique and improving the product capabilities. With national grade testing facilities, every product, large equipment, handheld device, is strictly tested before hand to you.




  • ENDOSINO was founded in 2001. Located Xuzhou City, the Eastern Coastal  China


  • Focus on customers needs
    Through our close prospect with end users, the understanding of their challenges and permanent learning from each other we are innovative equal partners and thus reliable system supplier for our customers


  • Technology advantage
    We are a technology leader in the field of medical endoscopy in China which hold the core competition


  • Quality First
    As a result of our high responsibility to offer customers, patients, and users the highest standard of quality in all our areas of business, we have a great attention on quality standards  and control


  • Vertical range of manufacture
  • ENDOSINO and the member companies from the single high-precision lens to complex visualization systems we manufacture all critical components


  • Corporate responsibility
    ENDOSINO stands for responsible corporate behavior with regard to employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and our locations. To optimize profit, not to maximize it, is the guiding economic principle of the shareholders.


Management policies

Succession planning for the next generation is guaranteed by a non-family executive board that has internalized the same values through many years of service. In addition, there are measures in place to ensure that family members embrace corporate responsibility, thus preserving the ENDOSINO ENDOSCOPY principle.


ENDOSINO- A Qualified Endoscopy Instruments Maker

ISO-13485,  ISO-19001,  ISO-14001  ISO-18001 Approved

CE Mark Bearer 

Listed in FDA Registration

3 Patents in Invention (National) Keeper 

11 Patents in Utility (National) Keeper

Product Quality Leadship Award 2018  By Frost & Sullivan

China Patent Award 2017 in Endoscopy Visualization